The two easy stats to look at. Pacers 4-1 when Brogdon takes 13 FGA or fewer. (Excludes the game in Charlotte where the starters were benched.). And 2-8 when Brogdon shoots 14 FGA or more.

The second stat is team 3FGAs and the magic number appears to be 31. 4-3 record when shooting 31 and fewer. 4-9 when shooting 32 or more.

What these stats really tells is quality of ball movement (or is Brogdon holding the ball) and whether or not the team is focused on taking shots they can make (or taking a high volume of shots a computer recommends even though they shoot a low percentage.)

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I am 4400 miles away and I still could feel the intensity of this game watching it on my laptop. It was a great game to watch, even despite the fact that they lost. And the L2M report is a bummer.

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