Indianapolis needs some kind of iconic image - like St. Louis's Gateway Arch. If you showed photos of the Indianapolis skyline to residents in an array with Kansas City, Columbus, and Nashville, maybe one in five would be able to point out their hometown. The City Edition should celebrate something iconic about the city, but Indy has none. As a result, the uniforms are without fashion merit.

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Conversely, I'm not sure Indy residents would recognize the skyline of KC, Columbus or Nashville. ... They started six years ago with a checkered pattern playing off the Indy 500, then went to pinstripes and a fresh mockup of previous jerseys.

While acknowledging the process is difficult and many voices are involved, I'm surprised we haven't seen Naptown, Circle City or something to play off of basketball being valued here on all levels. (Though they did have Hickory unis for five years.)

Also, it's difficult to design a new uniform each season.

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Ok, they don't look as bad as I originally thought. There are actually things about them I like. From the back they look awesome. Also really like the shorts that go with it. My favorite part is probably the circle logo and the cool w grow basketball on the jerseys. So not a rush to buy, but for sure a get it on sale for 39.99 type deal!

Side note I agree with you Scott, I love the Circle city jerseys by the Indians. They should play off that. It would be a smashing success!

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