“ And seriously, what good does having 6-foot-11 center Domantas Sabonis defend 30 feet from the basket and travel more distance defensively per game than any other player in the league?”

Bingo. I don’t even buy the notion that New Nate was good with X’s and O’s even though they are saying so publicly.

When Dad and I were at the Season-ticket holder night against the Mavericks in January (Turner was out and basically the game plan was to see if Porzingis could score if we left him unguarded at the rim while Sabonis chased Doncic all over the court) — we joked in the first half that Rick Carlisle must be loving this.

We said, “the halftime adjustment will tell us some things.” Then we we exasperated in the second half when no adjustment… and the same $h!t night after night.

No matter what Turner or McConnell did for individual stats on defense we were just lousy on that side of the ball and it was gameplan/ strategy related.

And you saw that Sabonis was willing to do what was asked and do his best no matter how bad the situation, even though it clearly makes no sense when you have a bottom-of-the-league team in defensive rebounding to take your only capable rebounder and put him at the three-point line.

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