While I still think the Pacers need to make a move for a young point guard, Lance can help bridge that gap.

My biggest takeaway, with Lance on the court the Pacers could get the ball to Domas in the fourth quarter. Now the officials certainly swallowed their whistles as three or four Nets would hack, grab, bump and foul every play. But a step toward bettter ball movement is still a good thing.

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Jan 6, 2022·edited Jan 6, 2022

What a story. This might very well end up being the biggest highlight of the season. And I also thought, while watching that first quarter on my phone at 8am local time, that KP should figure out a way to keep Lance long term. I realize this might be at the expense of other deserving guys (like Washington Jr), but this team really needs a player like Lance. The intensity level seems to be completely different when he plays. He seems to light the fire under the team.

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