hey this isnt very good reporting.

yes they both said "i'm a pacer" but Oladipo went on to say that he wants the best of both worlds (and one of those worlds is remaining a Pacer).

Meanwhile, george went on to say that he is unhappy with management, that he isnt having fun, that he doesnt like his teammates, that he felt personally betrayed when his teammates were traded (he referenced Granger who only played 42 games the rest of his career, Lance who is proven garbage, and Hibbert whose fiance he slept with). he also spoke often of his love of the Lakers, desire to be back home, celebrity status, and NEVER did any of the "my city" type stuff as pg13, from the moment of the jersey change it was 100% about him. he even got in a public feud where he disrespected Larry Legend.

contrast that to VO, who has said nothing like this. we all speculate "he lives and trains in miami, therefore he wants to be on the heat" yeah, ok? Jokic lives and trains in Serbia, does that mean he wants to play for red star? gordan hayward still lives in Indy, why did he sign with Boston?? it's too much of a leap. he also reps "his city" all the time. yes he had an awkward hulu ad, but remember when he came back in his first game from injury? he thanked the fans for their ovation then went on to talk about how he was embarrassed by his rusty play but that he will be back to form and many other "me first" comments. in vic's first game back he started by saying his teammates were amazing and called them family, before pausing to cry, then resuming how he is thankful for this STATE, these people (the fans) who he called family, his teammates (again, pausing after this one to cry) and said after that three more times that he was thankful for the fans. very emotional.

so there is a bit of difference between when PG said "i'm under contract as a pacer and we will see in the future" vs "i am a pacer, this is my city"

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